violin, clarinet, piano

The Last Woman of Señor Juan

suite in seven movements

(1997, 15'. Recorded in 1997 at Film Studios, Minsk, Belarus.

First public performance - 2014, New York)

1. Prelude

2. Duel Music

3. Conchita's Song

4. Drinking Song

5. Commander's Steps

6. Juan's Thoughts

7. Finale

After the premiere of "The Last Woman of Señor Juan" with the directors, Alexander Bespalyi (left) and Vladimir Gritsevsky. Minsk, June 1997.

Duel Music

In January 1997 I was getting on a train to go from my hometown Minsk to St. Petersburg thinking "wouldn't it be great to have a chance writing some music for a drama play?"

Amazingly, two weeks later I was contacted by my good friends from Screen Actors Theater in Minsk asking if I would be interested in composing music for their new project. 

I have written this suite in two weeks, having in mind my musicians-friends as future performers. Originally, the third movement, Conchita's Song had lyrics and was sung during the play. Full of devotion and love the lyrics went "If you need a bride, ask me to come. If you need a servant, ask me to come. If you need a dog, ask me to come. Ask me to come..."

The play had been in theater's repertoire for many years.