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violin, clarinet, piano

The Last Woman of Señor Juan

suite in seven movements

(1997, 15'. Recorded in 1997 at Film Studios, Minsk, Belarus.

First public performance - 2014, New York)

1. Prelude

2. Duel Music

3. Conchita's Song

4. Drinking Song

5. Commander's Steps

6. Juan's Thoughts

7. Finale

После премьеры Хуана.:1.jpg

After the premiere of "The Last Woman of Señor Juan" with the directors, Alexander Bespalyi (left) and Vladimir Gritsevsky. Minsk, June 1997.

Duel Music

In January 1997 I was getting on a train to go from my hometown Minsk to St. Petersburg thinking "wouldn't it be great to have a chance writing some music for a drama play?"

Amazingly, two weeks later I was contacted by my good friends from Screen Actors Theater in Minsk asking if I would be interested in composing music for their new project. 

I have written this suite in two weeks, having in mind my musicians-friends as future performers. Originally, the third movement, Conchita's Song had lyrics and was sung during the play. Full of devotion and love the lyrics went "If you need a bride, ask me to come. If you need a servant, ask me to come. If you need a dog, ask me to come. Ask me to come..."

The play had been in theater's repertoire for many years. 

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