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Orchestral Music

"Eurydice" for orchestra (2011/2023, 10')

Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra (2017, 15')

2,2,2,2;2 corni, 2 trompe;harpa; timpani, vibr; archi

"Paazer'e" ("Land by the Lakes")

for three folk singers and orhcestsra (2011, 10')

2,2,2,2;4,3,3,1;harpa,pno; timpani, percussion; archi
Premiere: March 2, 2023, Minsk, Belarus


Symphony for soprano, organ and orchestra. In six movements.

Poetry by Rillke, Lasker- Schüler and Zelan (1999, 35')

3,3,3,3;4,3,3,1; timpani, percussion; harpa; organ; soprano solo; archi

1. Nimmergekommener

2. Scherzo

3. My Archangel

4. Moderato

5. Winter

6. Allegro

Other Works:

  • Concerto for harp and fifteen strings. In two movements (ca. 20’, 1998)​

  • “The Little Mermaid”. Suite for a symphony orchestra and a narrator (ca. 40’, 2007-2010)​

  • "My Love". Sonnet by Shakespear No. 147  for mixed choir, harp, vibraphone , and strings (2016, ca.6')

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