• Trio for violin,clarinet and piano. In one movement. (ca.8’, 1993. 1st performance - 1993, Minsk)

  • "The Last Woman of Senor Juan" suite for violin, clarinet, and piano. In seven movements (15', 1997. Premiered in New York in 2014)

  • Sonata for Violin and Piano. In three movements. (ca. 20’,1997)

  • “Star” for harp and violin. (ca. 4’, 1998/2007, 1st performance -2007, Oldenburg )

  • "Three Wishes" Suite in three movements. Arrangement for violin and piano (2014, 12")

  • "Gelidi Riflessi" for violin and harpsichord. In three movements ( 12', 2018. Premiere Milan, Italy, December 2018)

  • "Spring Day" for violin and piano ( 3', 2019)

  • "Thy Golden Heart" for violin solo (ca. 4', 2019)


  • Terzet in Damped Tones for viola, cello and harp. After Reading of “Caligula” by A. Camus (ca. 12’, 1999)

  • “Stay...” for flute, viola and double bass (1’, 2011. First performance- 2012,  New York)

  • "Tear Of An Angel" for flute, viola, and harp (ca. 10', 2015)

double bass

  • "Arrows"  for three celli and double bass (6', 2017. Premeired at Symphony Space, New York in May 2017)

string quartet

  • "The Greatcoat" suite for woodwinds, piano, percussion and string quartet.

  • "In das ewige Leben" two romances for soprano and string quartet

  • "Seven Minutes From My Amercian Life" for string quartet

with New York musicians Gregor Kitzis and Thomas Piercy

photo by Alex Potemkin


  • Adagio for soprano and cello  (ca. 5', 2004, premiered at Cologne Academy Music and Dance in May 2004)

  • "Arrows"  for three celli and double bass

with German-American violinist Julia Meynert-Guarino

New York, December 2016