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"Wings' Whispers"

for woodwind quintet (2023)


“Wings’ Whispers” is a piece about hope and light. It’s the angels’ whispers that guide us and support us through out life. 

Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra (2017)


Barry Wordsworth, BBC chief conductor,

Royal Ballet music director

"very interesting, inventive, and dynamic. I enjoyed listening to it very much"

David Kim,

concertmaster of Philadelphia Orchestra


This work was a winner of Andrey Petrof Composition Competition in St. Petersburg (2018)

"Paazer'e" for three folk singers and orchestra (2011)

" Frozen Reflections"

for violin and harpsichord (2017)

Suite in three movements

1. San Marco on a Misty Day

2. Seagulls

3.Gondolas, Covered With Snow


for solo cello (2021) 

"Im Schatten des Lichts" 
for piano (2019)

"Three Wishes",
jazz suite for flute and piano

1. Weekend in Paris

2. Manhattan. Evening.

3. Let's Go To Rio!

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ballet for children ( 2003)

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