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Preface to the edition of  “Dame Pique”, ballet in two acts by Gennady Banschikov. 

Published by “Compozitor”, St. Petersburg, 2019


For any composer working with subject matter that has already been visited by a past master is not only difficult, but often risky, as it creates unintentional comparison to the work created by his genius colleague. To express your own point of view on the subject, finding original matters of expression without a desire of being “not worse”, and simply being yourself in music, seems to be the only right way.


Preface to the collection of piano music by contemporary Belarusian composers "Musical Stained Glasses"

Published by "Kovcheg" publishing house, Minsk, Belarus 2019

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Preface to the edition of "Three Wishes", suite for flute and piano by Nina Siniakova

Published by “Compozitor”, St. Petersburg, 2020

In 2014 my dear friend, a wonderful accordionist, now a very-well known professor of St. Petersburg State Conservatory Vladimir Orlov asked me to write a piece for his students of Rimsky-Korsakov Music College. After numerous discussions we decided that it had to be a suite. It was not simple to understand what kind of suite might be appealing for teenagers nowadays. 

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