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"The Memory of the Sun" mono-opera for soprano and ensemble ( 1996, duration 17')

Poetry by Zinaida Ghippius and Anna Akhmatova.

Premiered at Glazounovsky Hall St. Petersburg Conservatory in 1996

Inspired by highly emotional poetry by two Russian famed women-poets, Zinaida Ghippius and Anna Akhmatova, "The Memory of the Sun" explores polar points of love, jealousy, betrayal , and solitude. Poet, the main character of the opera, creates dialogues with different groups of musicians on the stage, reviving them and sharing her thoughts during her monologues. 

After going through contrasting emotional stages the Poet proclaims with a peace of a matured soul: "Nothing will ever happen here, oh, nothing".  

1. High Above the Ground My Window Lies
3. My Solitude
2. Unforgiven Lie
4. To Another's Prisoner
5. The Memory of the Sun

Adventure. Opera in five scenes

(2003, 50')

based on a play by Marina Tsvetayeva

"Adventure" is a story of Casanova and his true love, Henrietta. Written with wisdom, keen humor, this play is sparkly as champagne, sad as a love story should be. 

Opera creates a delightful possibility to go through Casanova adventures with compassion, laughter, and tears. 


"The Journalist" (2021)


In 2021 a Russian writer Lubava Malysheva initiated a unique project. She asked 12 women-composers to write one scene to an opera based on Lubava's libretto. The story features a young woman, beginning journalist who is trying to find own voice.

The main character is forced to change her opinion in exchange for success. A series of tragic events brings the story to a sad end.

I was asked to write music for the end of the first act, Scene No. 7th. It features a party at journalist's home after her highly successful debut in a local newspaper. Guests and colleagues celebrate a new vision of the journalist. Pathos and brisk parody are main moods of this scene. 

The opera is planned to be staged in Moscow in 2022.


A Sei. Opera for six feminine voices and a string quartet.

(to be completed by May 2022)


Six women find themselves in an unknown time and place. They are strangers, all feeling confused and perplexed. Each of them represents a different culture, they speak/sing their own language, which makes communication quite challenging.

Step by step the women start getting along by sharing their experience of love, betrayal, fear, passion, and hope. They address themselves to the audience, to each other, forming “duos”, “trios”.


As the story goes on the women begin understanding each other, feeling for each other. Gradually, in the process of development the languages dissolve into one. Through similar experience and the share of similar dramas the SIX (sei) become one. 


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