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"Little Braids and Freckles". 

12 piano pieces for children.

"Compozitor" publishing house, St. Petersburg. 

1. Little Lake

2. Unhappy Uncle

3. Secrets

4. Treas sing

5. Unknown Animal

6. Seesaw


8. Tiotya-Motya

9.  In The Fall

10. Little Braids and Freckels

11. Real Disaster

12. Little Song.

Little Braids and Freckles

Sonata for selectedly-prepared accordion.

"Compozitor" publishing house, St. Petersburg, Russia

In three movements.

The City's Pictures.

Music for four hands.

"Four Fourth" publishing house, Minsk, Belarus

1."The City's Pictures"

  1. A Walk

  2. City in the Evening

  3. Old Cinema

2."My World"

  1. Birds

  2. Sky

  3. Flowers

  4. Sun

3."Wonderful Evening" 


Sunny Day

five jazz piece for young pianists

as a part of a collection of piano music by contemporary Belarusian composers

"Musical Stain Glass"

"Kovcheg" publishing house, Minsk, Belarus

1. Little Erin

2. Cowboy's Song

3. Sunny Day

4. Rock-n-roll for Gabriel

5. Waltz for Lucy

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