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The Cello Museum

Spotlight on New Music.

Presented in collaboration with New York Women-Composers  featuring "Athena" for cello solo

Interview with Mark Hagerty

In 2018 "Gelidi riflessi" for violin and harpsichord received its world premiere in Wilmington, DE. Composer Mark Hagerty presented Nina Siniakova to the audience prior the performance and asked several questions. 


Queens Tribune.
Musicians of Queens.

If she weren’t a pianist and composer, Nina Siniakova might have been a philosopher. Her music, which is largely in the contemporary classical genre, explores the boundaries of life and love, 

theology and narrative read more

Times Ledger, New York

After arriving in New York from Minsk, Belarus, by way of Cologne, Germany, classically trained pianist Nina Siniakova toiled as a human jukebox on a grand piano. 

Granted she wasn’t working for tips in a bar. Instead Siniakova spent her days as a class musician for the New York City Ballet. read more


NY 1 TV Channel Interview

featuring composers' residence at Flushing Town Hall

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