Piano Music

  • Theme and Twelve Variations (1995, ca. 12’. 1st performance - November 1995, St. Petersburg)

  • Sonata For Piano in three movements (2001, 14’. 1st performance - October 2002, Cologne)

  • Ad Veritatem (2008,  10’, 1st performance - October 2018, Bonn, Germany) 

  • Nocturne (2012, ca. 8’. Premiered in May 2012, Queens, New York)

  • Touch The Cloud (2012, ca. 4.’ Premiered in November 2012, St-Petersburg Festival of new music “Sound Ways”)

  • Falling in Love for piano and campanelli (2013, 7’. Premiered in November 2013, St-Petersburg Festival of new music “Sound Ways”)

  • Elegie (2018, 5', premiered on February 26, 2019 in Douglaston, NY, Music Club Gathering )

  • Im Schatten des Lichts (2019, 7'. Premiered in November 2019, St - Petersburg New Music festival "Sound Ways")

  • Le Temps Filant ("Dissolving Time". 2020, 5'. Premiere planned for January 2021 at Moscow Conservatory, Miaskovsky Concert Hall)

Ad Veritatem

(2008,  10’,
1st performance - October 2018, Bonn, Germany) 
"Ad Veritatem" was written  as a special piece for the International Beethoven Piano Competition in Bonn, Germany. It was requested that the piece would feature virtuosity, cantilena and will be connected to Beethoven.
This  piece consists of series of variations with theme appearing at the end. Going through challenges of variations the truth, Veritas is represented by Beethoven's theme from Piano Sonata op.110.
It  opens up at the very end as a solution of the riddle.  In other words "per aspera ad vertitatem". 


(from Piano Sonata, 2002. 7')

First performance - Cologne, Germany 2002



(2012, first performance- May 2012, Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens, New York)

a piece about solitude and sorrow for the world


Elegie (2018, 4'30")

This piece was commissioned by a legendary New York sound engineer Joe Patrych in memory of his brother, Martin. The piece is using musical monogram of Martyn's name. Martyn Patrych= a a c h. 

I wrote the piece imagening the moment when the soul just left the body. It is still uncertain whether it is free,making its first steps to eternity.