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for piano

  • “Pigtails And Freckles”. 12 piano pieces for children. (ca. 20’, 1996. Published in St. Petersburg, Compozitor publishing house, 2000)

  • "Sunny Day" five jazz pieces for young pianists (2020)

  • “The City’s Pictures”, suite  piano four hands. In three parts.(ca. 10’, 1990)

  • “My World”. Four  pieces for a piano for four hands (ca.7’, 2000/2009)

for choir

  • “Wind From The South” for children choir and piano. Poetry by L. Panteleev (ca 3’, 1984)

  • “A Little Joke” for children choir and piano. Belorussian folks poetry. (ca.2’, 2000)

  • “January Stamps At The House” for children choir and piano. Poetry by V. Zuionak (ca 2’, 2002)

  • “A Little Train” for children choir a capella. Text by D. Rodari (ca. 4’, 2008)

for instrumental ensemble

  • “Cinderella”. Suite for young musicians. For violin,  clarinet (block flute), percussion and piano. (15”, 2003. First performance- 2007, Cologne)

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