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  • "My Solitude" for soprano and harp ( 8', 1996) - movement from the cycle "The Memory of the Sun" for soprano and ensemble

  • “Wortlose Spiele” (Wordless Games) for flute, accordion, harp and cello (ca.10’,2013. First performance- Eckenfoerde, Germany, 2013)

  • "Tear Of An Angel" for flute, viola, and harp (ca. 10', 2015)

  • Concerto for harp and fifteen strings (15', 1998)


My Solitude for soprano and harp (1996)

lyrics by Z. Gippius

My Solitude


"Gelidi Riflessi" for violin and harpsichord. In three movements ( 15', 2018. Premiered in Wilmington, Delaware in November 2019 with Christof Richer, vn and Tracy Richardson, harpsichord) 

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Sonata for Accordion . In three movements. (ca. 15’,2001/2008. Dedicated to Vladimir Orlov. First version’s performance- 2003, St. Petersburg, Concert Hall at Baltiysky Station)

"To My Motherland With Love" for soprano, accordion, piano, and percussion. Belarusian Folk Poetry. In four movements. (10', 1998. Premiered in November 2009 at State Philharmonic Hall)

"Wordless Games" for flute, accordion, harp, and cello (6', 2012. Premiered in May 2012 in Eckenförde, Germany, by the members of Reflexion K ensemble)

"Three Wishes"  suite for accordion. In three movements (12', 2014. Premiered in St. Petersburg, 2014)

"Jumplings". Four pieces for young players (2020)

Duet for clarinet and accordion (10', 2020)

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