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Gelidi riflessi ("Frozen Reflections")

1. San Marco in una giornata nebbiosa (San Marco on a misty day)

2. Gabbiani (Seagulls)

3. Gondole innevate (Gondolas covered with snow)

World premiere took place on November 25th 2019 in Wilmingotn, DE with members of "Melamonie" ensemble,

Christof Richter, violin, Tracy Richardson, harpsichord

Gelidi riflessi (Frozen Reflections) was written after a request from my dear friend, Belarusian-Italian violinist Tatiana Reout. She was looking for a contemporary composition to be added to her program dedicated to winter in Italy. It took me a long while to understand which way to go. I asked Tatiana a lot of questions about Italian winter. I was curious about colors, scents, feelings – anything that could be helpful.

My true inspiration came after finding unusual black-and-white photographs of winter in Venice. When we think about Italy we always imagine something joyful and colorful, from pizza and wine to sunny weather and good mood. The photographs I found were very different. San Marco Cathedral in Milan was hard to see on a misty day; gondolas, this eternal source of joy and romance, were lying down, forgotten, useless, covered with snow. One of the photographs had a seagull, whose reflection was seen in a half-frozen puddle. That image helped me find the title of this cycle.


Nina Siniakova, Philadelphia, November 2019

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