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I was two when I started "playing the piano". Well, we didn't have one, my mom says I was "playing" on our coffee table, later asking for a book (read "music") being open in front of me, later demanding for real music.

Anyhow, my music lessons started when I was four and I wrote my first piece when I was six. It was a simple song in C major with my own lyrics.

I was fourteen when I wrote suite for four hands "The City's Pictures". It is now published and played frequently on music competitions in my home country Belarus. 

I have a professional degree in acting. 

Actually, I grew up backstage. Both of my parents were leading actors at one of the advanced theater group. They won numerous "best actor/best actress" awards.  For a long time I was seriously considering becoming an actress. 

I have four children, a girl and three boys. 

I studied in three countries, Belarus, Russia, and Germany and speak five languages.

I write poetry on four languages. 


If you have never heard of my home country Belarus it's time to learn about it! Food is amazing, girls are stunning, nature is breathtaking! 

Harrison Ford's grandma is from Minsk (capital of Belarus), Shostakovich's parents were from Belarus as well. Oh wait, how about Jasha Heifetz and Aaron Kopland? You guessed it! 

I love fooling around and surprise people! 

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