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From The Four Winds for women's choir and four French horns (2013).
Performed by Melodia Women's Choir and Genghis Barbie French horn quartet in 2013 in New York City. Texts from the Bible and Relevation in English, German, Belorussian and Greek.
From The Four Winds -
Wordless Games for flute, harp, accordeon and cello ( 2013). Performed by ensemble "Reflexion-K"
Eckenfoerde, Germany
Wordless Games - for ensemble

Two Fragments

for Soprano and String Quartet (2004)


Weinen (verses by Federic Garcia Lorca)

Nokturne (verses by Juan Ramon Jimenes)


Nadine Balbeisi, soprano.

Students of Musikhochschule Koeln

Weinen - for soprano and string quartet
Nokturne - for soprano and str quartet
Memory of the Sun
vocal cycle for soprano and ensemble (1996)
2nd mvmnt "Unforgiven lie" 
(verses by Anna Akhmatova)
3d mvmnt   "My Solitude" (verses by Zinaida Gippius)
4th mvmnt "To Another's Prisoner"
(verses by Anna Akhmatova)
Olga Petrousenko, students of 
St-Petersburg conservatory
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

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Nocturne for piano (2012)

Performed by composer.
Seven Minutes From My American Life
for string quartet (2012)
1. My Friend Garry Smith
2.Ocean Out Of My Window
3. City

Liza Jane (2013)

Variations on a famous tune.

For ensemble 

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