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"Frozen Reflections"

chamber music by

Nina Siniakova

released in November 2022 

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About the album: 

“Frozen Reflections” is a new album released by Philadelphian composer and pianist Nina Siniakova. It is a collection of chamber and solo piano works written within the past ten years.


“I think of this album as of a set of novels”, says composer Nina Siniakova. “Each is a unique take on beauty, since beauty is probably the quality I value in life the most. Beauty of the moment, of memory, of sadness, love or an emotion is what we want to keep. I tried creating pieces of transparent texture with a touch of complexity, as human’s inner world, especially that of a woman is transparent and complex at the same time.” The result is a sincere monologue of a composer addressed to the listeners. 


“Frozen Reflections” includes compositions written for various sets of instruments, some of which are rather unusual. Works for violin and harpsichord, three cellos and double bass, and a woodwind quintet alternate with compositions for solo piano performed by the composer herself. Stylistically resolute, yet diverse in its musical elements, Siniakova’s works present a carefully thought-through, elegant, sophisticated music that inspire deep reflection and desire to explore.


The team of musicians, sound engineers and other collaborators brings together four countries and six cities. 

“Frozen Reflections” is available on-line for downloading on all platforms, including Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music.

Track list


Gelidi riflessi (“Frozen Reflections”) for violin and harpsichord (2018) 

1. San Marco in una giornata nebbiosa (San Marco on a Misty Day) 

2. Gabbiani (Seagulls) 

3. Gondole innevate (Gondolas Covered With Snow)

4. "Nocturne" for piano (2012) 

5. "Arrows" for three cellos and a double bass (2017) 

6. Élégie for piano (2018) 


7. “Wings’ Whispers” (2022) for woodwind quintet


8. " Im Schatten des Lichts"  for piano (2019)  

Explore "Frozen Reflections" for violin and harpsichord,

the title piece of the album

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